Violin concert by students of Smt.Anusha Sreeram as part of Sri Rama navami celebrations

Smt.Uma Ganesh and Sri Ganesh were generous enough to offer their premises for a violin concert by students of Smt.Anusha Sreeram as part of Sri Rama navami celebrations on the evening of 13th April 2019. Chi.Pradyuth, their son, is a student of Smt.Anusha Sreeram and he was also part of the performing team.

Guru and her disciples

Please find below an account of the event. The YouTube link is shared below the write up.

The following students of Sree Ramanuja Vidyalaya performed in the concert.

  • Shrivats Gopal
  • Shreyaas Sanjeev
  • Sivasubramanian S
  • Nithyashree S
  • Srinidhi Pennathur
  • Hiranmayee Sreeram
  • Pradyut G and
  • Priyanka Haresh

The programme began with the vasantha varnam – ‘Ninnukori’ composed by Sri Thachur Singrarachari in Aadhi Thaalam. This was followed by an invocation in Hamsathvani Ragam – ‘Vinayaka Ninnu’ composed by E.V.Ramakrishna Bhagavadhar in Aadhi Thaalam.

The next one was ‘Teleserama’ in Poorna chandrika Ragam – In this keertana Sri Sadguru Thyagaraja commands the Manas to chant the divine Rama Nama which is the only way to get rid of pains and vains.

a happy Guru

A Thematic Presentation ”EKAIKA RAGA KRITIS FOR OUR EKA PATNI VRATAN” followed next. on some of the ekaika raga kritis composed by Thyagaraja on Rama.

First was the song Meluko Vaiyya , Bowli Raga where in, Rama is woken up by Tyagaraja to protect his creation.

Second was ‘Manasa etulorthune’ in Malayamarutham Raga in which Tyagaraja  advises the Manas to chant the Taraka Nama to escape from the Dwigunas (Rajas, Tamas)

a cross section of the audience

Third was ‘Manavyalakincharadhate’ in Nalinakanthi in which Thyagaraja emphasises that rather than drowning in the sorrow of Karma, he yet again commands his Manas to concentrate on the Divine Human Form, the Ramaavatara.

Fourth is the one in which, being fed up with the manas which is still naive, Thyagaraja in ‘Aada Modi GAlade’ in Charukesi raga expresses his displeasure as Rama doesn’t respond to his calls as he is no where near Hanuman, the true Rama Bhaktha

a cross section of performers

In the next song, ‘Bantu Reethi Golu’, in Hamsanaadham raga, Thyagaraja pleads Rama to accept him as his Sevaka.

‘MARUGELARA’ in Jayantha Sri Ragam, Deshadhi Thalam was the next. In this Thyagaraja pleads with Rama to come out of his hidden form. He stresses that he will never worship any other divine form other than Raghava.

The concert was concluded with mangalam in Sourashtra Ragam.

The primary aim of organising this concert is to let the students have a feel of performing before an audience. There are definitely many areas of improvement in the way these budding artistes have run their fingers and bows on one of the most challenging instruments of music. We welcome any kind of constructive feedback.

after the concert



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