Moral stories for kids – vishvasam

Story telling session – sharing of moral values

Adiyen periodically narrates stories to children during stotrapatha classes to instill a sense of morality and knowledge of sampradaya in them. This session is on the concept of faith or vishvasa using modern analogies and in a manner kids can understand and ultimately ending up the session with a note on vishvasa in Emberuman.

The link to the recorded audio of the interactive session is



Moral stories for kids – the story of Dadhichi Maharishi

  • As a part of teaching santhai of stotras to kids in an interesting manner Adiyen sometimes encourages them to narrate stories that are related to the stotras themselves. The below story about Dadichi finds an indirect mention in the 14th verse of Shodashayudha stotram where in Swami Desika describes the vajra ayudha of Sudarshana which is different from that of Indra’s vajra ayudha made from the spine of Dadichi.

आयुधानामहं वज्रम् इत्यगीयत यः स वः ।

अव्याद्धेतीशवज्रोsसौ अदधीच्यस्थिसम्भवः ।।

The story was first narrated by Chi.Amrit Narayan of 2nd standard. The link to his version is

The link to the story that was narrated by adiyen is as below



Srimad Bhagavad Gita lecture 40 by Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan Setlur

The audio link to the 40th part of the lecture by adiyen on Sri Ramanuja’s bhashya on the Bhagavad Gita is as below – A brief recap of the introduction and meanings of the first three verses of the tenth chapter is given and the meanings of the verses from 4th until the 18th verse of the tenth chapter are covered in this lecture.

The link is as below:

It is sheer Acharyakrupa that this happens to be the 100th post of this website which has just completed its first anniversary so to say.



TiruppAvai Upanyasam by Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan Setlur @ Vedanta Sabha, Choolaimedu 2018

TiruppAvai UpanyAsam @ Sri Vedanta Sabha, Choolaimedu, Margazhi 2018-2019

With Acharya krupa adiyen is rendering maiden UpanyAsam on TiruppAvai @ Sri Vedanta Sabha, Choolaimedu (23/8, Shankarapuram 3rd street, Choolaimedu, Chennai – 94) on the following dates 23rd, 29th, 30th of December 2018, 5th, 6th, 13th and 14th of January 2019. I am grateful to Dr.D.P.Kannan Swami for recommending me, a novice in the field.

23/12/2018 was the beginning and adiyen could cover just the avatArikai and the meaning of the first pAsuram.

The link to the audio recording of the 1st session in which the introduction and the meaning of the 1st pAsuram were covered is as follows.

The link to the second session on 29/12/2018 in which the meanings from the 2nd pAsuram to the 5th pAsuram were covered is as follows

The link to the third session on 30/12/2018 in which the meanings from the 6th pAsuram to the 10th pAsuram were covered is as follows

The link to the fourth session on 05/01/2019 in which the meanings from the 11th pAsuram to the 15th pAsuram were covered as follows

The link to the fifth session on 06/01/2019 in which the meanings from the 16th pAsuram to the 20th pAsuram were covered as follows

The link to the sixth session on 13-01-2019 in which the meanings of the 7 pasurams from 21st to 27th were covered is

The link to the 7th and final concluding part of the upanysam is shared in the below link.

I should admit that the presence of my Guru U.Ve.Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar (Srikaryam, Sri Ahobila mutt) and Sri.U.Ve.Villivalam Raghu Swami (Aaradhakar, Sri Ahobila mutt) made me a bit nervous and I chose to rush through it so as not to make them wait for long!

Adiyen considers it a big fortune that both the vidvans appreciated adiyen’s upanyasam and the link to that audio is as below – My guru has spoken first followed by Sri Raghu Swami.

Adiyen expresses profuse thanks to Sri Vedanta Sabha and Dr.D.P.Kannan for the opportunity.