Weekly program on basics of anushthanam for Srivaishnava men by SRV

A cross section view of the participants

On 03-03-2019, with Acharya anugraha, Sree Ramanuja Vidyalaya (SRV) began a weekly in-person-attendance-program on the basics of anushthanam for Srivaishnava men @ Samrakshana Yoga Centre, 13/11, Sri Ranga nivas, First cross street, R.A.Puram, Chennai – 28. SRV profusely thanks the benevolent couple – Sriman Parthasarathy and Smt Vedavalli Parthasarathy dampati for accomodating this program in their premises.

Sri Bhaktavatsalam Swami teaching the audience along with his sishya Sri Vasudevan Swami


Sri U.Ve.Bhaktavatsalam Swami is the chief instructor of the program and he is assisted by his disciple Sri.U.Ve.Vasudevan Swami. Twenty eight participants took part in the inaugural session.



Srikaryam Swami extending his anugraha bhashanam


Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar, the Srikaryam swami of Sri Ahobila mutt, gave an anugraha bhashanam and explained in a simple manner why one needs to follow the injunctions of sastras and the importance of nitya anushthanams. Sree Ramanuja Vidyalaya extends its gratitude to all the above mentioned three Acharyas. The link to some of the photos and videos of the session is as below