Sri Dasavathara Stotram – meaning with emphasis on Sanskrit

Sri Dasavathara Stotram is a composition by Sri Vedanta Desika on the ten avatars of Sriman Narayana whose archa forms adorn the Dasavatara Sannidhi in Srirangam. In the first verse Swami Desika sings in praise of Bhagavan Ranganatha and his divine consort Ranganayaki, the divine actor-couple who adorn the ten avatars so as to bestow auspiciousness on all the Jivatmas. There are thirteen verses in all. The ten avatars are praised from the 2nd to the 11th. The thirteen summarises all the ten avatars with beautiful names invocatory names of the Bhagavan, praising the significance of his divya nama. The thirteenth verse mentions the phala stuti.

The recordings are available in parts and they are provided in the links below

Introduction to the 4th sloka

5th verse to the 8th verse

9th verse to the 13th verse