Sorpozhivu / Upanyasam on the topic ‘udalum uyirum’ @ Coimbatore

Adiyen was fortunate to get an opportunity to render a sorpozhivu (speech in Tamil) on the topic ‘udalum uyirum’ or the ‘shareera-aatma’ bhava of Vishishtadvaita philosophy during the 26th annual day celebrations and 10th Srivaishnava maanaadu (conference) of Thirumal Thondar Kulam organisation of Coimbatore.

One should visit Coimbatore to see in person and experience the Srivaishnava lakshanam exhibited by the hundreds of Ramanuja Dasas who are a part of the Thirumal thondar kulam. The astikyam and bhagavatha seshatvam of the srivaishnavas over there is amazing.

Acharya krupa got me this opportunity.

The link to the audio recording of the upanyasam is as below.