Sri Vedanta Desika Stotra Pancaratnam – set to music

Swami Desika – a pencil sketch by adiyen

The ‘Sri Vedanta Desika Stotra Pancaratnam’ which was composed by adiyen and shared earlier has now been set to music – composed and sung by Smt.Anusha Sreeram, accompanied on the violin by Sow.Hiranmayee Sreeram (our daughter). To suit the composition which is a pancaratnam, five ragas have been chosen. The ragas are suddha saveri, revathi, brindavani, valaji and hamsanadam – all five being audava ragas – ragas that have five notes!

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Sri Vedanta Desika Stotra Pancaratnam – a stuti mentioning the names of Swami Desika’s 28 stotras

Dedicated to the divine thiruvadi of Kavitarkikasimham literally during our visit to Satyagala. My wife and daughter sang at the sannidhi of Swami Desika at Satyagala on 25th of April 2018. This picture is of the peepul tree (perhaps not the same tree, may be a new one planted in its place or an offshoot of the old one) on the banks of Kaveri under which Swami Desika is said to have done tapas during his 12 year stay in Satyagala.

SrImate NigamAnta MahAdesikAya namaH

Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan

The ABC of SaReGaMa – part 1

Smt.Anusha Sreeram guiding her students during a chamber concert
Learning carnatic music becomes complete only when we know more about what we are learning. With that idea, I am trying to impart some theoretical knowledge to my students who learn carnatic violin from me. While I teach, I try to throw light on the insights of the classical music and also on the nuances of playing the violin. To impart many other aspects of music to my students I began recently to engage with them through group discussions on the aspects of violin and vocal music. I make sure opportunity is given to each student to show case their talent during the interactive sessions. The intention is to continue with these sessions on a monthly basis and try to educate them with whatever I have learnt from my own Gurus. This gives me an opportunity to learn as well – learning is a continuous process!
The first session was recorded and the recording is shared in the below link:
Any constructive feedback is welcome. The quality of the recording is a bit naive during the first session. It will be improved upon during the coming sessions.
Anusha Sreeram.