The ABC of SaReGaMa – part 1

Smt.Anusha Sreeram guiding her students during a chamber concert
Learning carnatic music becomes complete only when we know more about what we are learning. With that idea, I am trying to impart some theoretical knowledge to my students who learn carnatic violin from me. While I teach, I try to throw light on the insights of the classical music and also on the nuances of playing the violin. To impart many other aspects of music to my students I began recently to engage with them through group discussions on the aspects of violin and vocal music. I make sure opportunity is given to each student to show case their talent during the interactive sessions. The intention is to continue with these sessions on a monthly basis and try to educate them with whatever I have learnt from my own Gurus. This gives me an opportunity to learn as well – learning is a continuous process!
The first session was recorded and the recording is shared in the below link:
Any constructive feedback is welcome. The quality of the recording is a bit naive during the first session. It will be improved upon during the coming sessions.
Anusha Sreeram.