Upanyasam on Godastuti

Upanyasam – Godastuti

During the month of hevilambi-margazhi, with the blessings of my Guru Dr.S.Padmanabhan, Adiyen had the opportunity to deliver an Upanyasam on Sri Goda stuti of Sri Vedanta Desika, at Sri Ahobila mutt, Triplicane, on a pasuram a day basis. Somedays more than one was delivered. The recordings have been collated and divided in to three parts. The links are provided below.

Part 1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cOUBNypPXB1V1WBTlU15Moo5lk2_LizD

Sanskrit Narratives – All India Radio (AIR) Broadcast

Sanskrit related narratives recordings from AIR Chennai

As a part of broadcasting of Sanskrit related narratives @ AIR, with my Guru’s recommendation, adiyen had an opportunity to talk on Stotraratna of Alavandar – recorded in two parts – during August 2017. The links are shared below: