Stotra recitation by adiyen’s youngest stotra class student

Glad to share the recitation audio of Sri Vegasetustotram by Srivallabhan V of class LKG, adiyen’s youngest stotra student. He is the grandson of one of  the daughters of Abhinava Desikan Sri Uttamur Swami. Blessed is Adiyen that he learns Desika stotras from Adiyen.  His brilliance is very much evident even now as being quite young he misses many of the classes. It is so much joyful to hear the mazhalai-filled recitation of the stotra.

Instantly adiyen’s dharmapatni prompted me to give a gift to him which he is proudly displaying (crayons)! 🙂

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  1. Excellent Swamy
    Adiyen had had the bhagyam of Sri Abhinava Desikan’s sishya and attended GitaBhashyam and Srimathe Rahasyatraya Sara kalakshepams in parts during the late sixties and the seventies. What a tejas on his face! God bless him. You are doing yeoman service in imparting Swamy Desika’s stotras to young and old alike. May your kainkaryam grow manifold. वर्धतामभिवर्धताम्.

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