Quiz 2020

Sree Ramanuja Vidyalaya, Chennai
(a new age patashala – with focus on veda adhyayanam)


Please submit your answers online at (EXCEPT for Quiz#21) https://bit.ly/2yoANKm

For Quiz#21, submit your answers online at https://bit.ly/2XXlkf0

Time limit for submission is within 2 days of notification of the Quiz.

Upload your audio file (Last Date is 03-MAY-2020) for

Yathiraja Sapthathi at https://bit.ly/3eGc9Wi

28-April-2020: Thanks for the overwhelming participation till now!!!

Yesterday we concluded the charithram of our great Acharya!

Today being Sree Ramanuja Jayanthi, we are presenting some of the Stutis on Sree Ramanuja.

This will be the last Quiz in the series of “Let Us Know Sree Ramanuja” –

Refer the images for details on Stutis and PDF (images below if you are viewing this online now) for questions.

Please submit your answers for Stutis online at https://bit.ly/2VZ3pCf

Time limit for submission is within 2 days of notification of the Quiz.

We would also want to remind you that submissions for audio on Yathiraja Saptathi is still Open until 03-May-2020.

Additionally, you may also submit hand written life history in a concise form or pictorial depiction of Sree Ramanuja Charithram via the same link!

Please participate and also encourage kids at home to exhibit their creativity!!!

Shloka Recitation on Yathiraaja Saptati written by Swami Desikan on Sree Ramanuja!
Last day for upload of audio file is 03-May-2020
Infant (6 years & below): Shlokas 1 to 10
Sub-Junior (7,8,9 years): Shlokas 1 to 15
Junior (10-14 years): Shlokas 1 to 20
Senior (15-19 years): Shlokas 1 to 30
Super-Senior (20 years & above): All Stotras

Upload the audio file at https://bit.ly/3eGc9Wi with the file name containing your name and whatsapp nbr for easy reference.

You can find the Yatiraaja Saptati Shlokas in Sanskrit as well as your regional language on the website: https://www.prapatti.com/stotras.php

Happy Quiz Time! All Glories to Sree Ramanuja!!!