Moral stories for kids – vishvasam

Story telling session – sharing of moral values

Adiyen periodically narrates stories to children during stotrapatha classes to instill a sense of morality and knowledge of sampradaya in them. This session is on the concept of faith or vishvasa using modern analogies and in a manner kids can understand and ultimately ending up the session with a note on vishvasa in Emberuman.

The link to the recorded audio of the interactive session is



2 Replies to “Moral stories for kids – vishvasam”

  1. Great effort & nice of you to put it on website for others also to hear it & make their children also to hear & teach them

  2. Namaskaram.
    Doing great service to children. Wonderful. Very nice. If it’s a visual it will be more enjoyable for them.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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