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Stotra class is in progress

Adiyen (Dr Sreeram Jaganathan) has been teaching (santhai ) the stotras of Swami Desika at home for more than a year now. With the blessings of Lord Hayagreeva and Swami Desika and my Gurus Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar, Srikaryam Swami, Sri Ahobila mutt, and Sri E.S.Mukundachariar of Secunderabad, Sree-Ramanuja-Vidyalaya was inaugurated at our gruham on the 26th of January 2018. The focus of the Vidyalaya is two fold – one is to teach Sanskrit, Stotras, Prabandham and Sampradaya (by adiyen), and Carnatic music (vocal and violin by Smt Anusha Sreeram, adiyen’s dharmapatni). Visit Sree Ramanuja Vidyalaya website dedicated to the activities by the Sree Ramanuja Trust

Though we have been teaching for sometime without any banner or name, the idea of starting Sree-Ramanuja-Vidyalaya occurred sometime last year. It was formally inaugurated by Adiyen’s Guru Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar with his address to the kids. The Kids recited Sri Goda Stuti as a ghoshti and obtained his blessings. The kids who won the competition on Sri Goda Stuti, which was conducted by adiyen earlier, received their prizes from the Srikaryam Swami.

The link to the address of Srikaryam Swami is – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1n_8N8zHedc9TVQV36ha0yu-OZIP7R1pj

The link to the recitation of Sri Godastuti by the students as a Ghoshti is –


My daughter and wife sung two pasurams from Tiruvoimozhi during the inauguration. The link to the audio file is https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5TNRFElGMV1NktyNFMwdV9ZdW5sbkt6SDlCUlVSOWVTWkdN

A Trust in the name Sree Ramanuja Vidyalaya was formed on 26th July 2019 by Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan (Managing Trustee), Dr. S.Padmanabhan (Trustee) and Sri. E.S.Mukundan (Trustee) with an idea to reach out to many more kids and adults and to run the classes on a full-fledged basis in a more organised manner. A fulltime modern patashala (for boys) combining Vedic education with modern education has been functioning since the 8th of October 2019. There are two full time students and three part time studnets. Some more full time students are expected to join in April 2020. Next step would to be to extend the patashala for girl children without compromising on the Sanatana dharma injunctions.

Planning is underway to rope in many professionals and teachers to impart education on a variety of topics including ancient Indian languages like Tamil, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada etc. A bank account has been opened in the name of the Trust and funds are being collected from noble minds. Dr.Sreeram can be contacted on +91 9940086253 and sreeramanujavidyalaya@gmail.com.

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  1. Adiyen was looking for the word to word meaning of Kamasikashtakam (in connection with the forthcoming SriNrisimha Jayanti). Your site had details much more than I had anticipated to get. At most we get word to word meaning but not the explanation of the Samskrita grammar part. The way it is being explained by you the meanings become very clear and we can recollect and relish the bhagavad guna-anubhavam while reciting the stotram. Looking forward to learning more with the help of your commendable works.
    Mati Kshayat Nivartitosmi.

  2. Meaning of Vishnu & Vasudeva based on Dhatus, Samasa etc.


    Can you please give the meanings for
    विष्णु वचस् धातु:


    Is the word Vishnu restricted to aspect of
    1) Adharatvam 2) Vyapakatvam 3) Both
    1) Antar Vyapti 2) Bahir Vyapti 3) Both

    Similar meaning of Vasudeva needed.

    Is the word Vasudeva restricted to the aspect of
    1) Adharatvam 2) Vyapakatvam 3) Both
    1) Antar Vyapti 2) Bahir Vyapti 3) Both

    Can you please explain briefly based on Dhatus, Samasa etc.


    ஸ்ரீமத் ரஹஸ்யத்ரய ஸாரம்
    27. மூல மந்த்ர அதிகாரம்
    திருமந்த்ரத்தின் பெருமைகள்

  3. No word can express my gratefulness for the service thevareer has undertaken and pray EmperumAn to bless you for contributing more on this

  4. Swamin, Dhanyosmi.
    Can you pls give the address where the classes regarding srivaisnava nithya anushtanam are held with contact no and class timings.
    Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan
    Annanagar, Chennai.

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