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  1. Svami,

    Purpose : To understand Srimad Rahasya Traya Saram

    With respect to understanding the meaning can you clarify on the meanings and relative differences and the hierarchy (numeracy in terms of acceptance as more authentic / direct and going down to the lowest authentic / extrapolated):

    1. Shaabdam
    2. Aartham
    3. Taadarthyam
    4. Adhyavasitam
    5. Adhyahritam
    6. Vyavahitam
    7. Avyavahitam


    1. Swamin,

      Thank you for asking. Adiyen needs some guidance from my teacher to answer your question. Shall get back to your personal email id soon.


  2. Swamin,
    Namo namaha:

    Adiyen would like some help with the word praNipadEshu:. I understand it is a compound word synonymous to prapatti. Is the root word praNipat? I would like to know its composition. I have gone thru your kamasikashtakam audio file and understand that it has pra and ni as its upasargas with pat as its root word. Can you pls explain its etymology to me.

  3. Swamy.adiyen used to hear your slokaartha in sriseva app . Thanks for the slokams with clear meanings as I am a Sanskrit student in Sanskrit college I could learn more from Acharyas like you. Do you take classes in Skype Swamy? धन्यवादः

  4. Pranipat Swamy,

    I’m writing from Pune i required to get in touch with Shri Swamy Malola Kannan…this was regarding some issues in Aditya Hridaya Stotram which he has recited…would be extremely glad to receive the contact from you…



  5. Swamin, Namaskaram,
    I had subscribed to the Sree Ramanuja Vidhayala YouTube channel. I listened to the chanting of Rama Katha by 2 young vidyartees..It was very nice and will it be okay if you can share the lyrics for the slokas.

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