Lectures on Vedanta Karikavali

Vedanta Karikavali is a primer on Vishistadvaita Vedanta composed by one Sri Bucci Venkatacharya.

Through a webinar program of Vyoma labs, an organisation devoted for the promotion of the cause of Sanskrit, I am giving a series of lectures.

More information about the program can be found in the below link

The link to the Youtube videos of the lectures is as below.

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Sorpozhivu / Upanyasam on the topic ‘udalum uyirum’ @ Coimbatore

Adiyen was fortunate to get an opportunity to render a sorpozhivu (speech in Tamil) on the topic ‘udalum uyirum’ or the ‘shareera-aatma’ bhava of Vishishtadvaita philosophy during the 26th annual day celebrations and 10th Srivaishnava maanaadu (conference) of Thirumal Thondar Kulam organisation of Coimbatore.

One should visit Coimbatore to see in person and experience the Srivaishnava lakshanam exhibited by the hundreds of Ramanuja Dasas who are a part of the Thirumal thondar kulam. The astikyam and bhagavatha seshatvam of the srivaishnavas over there is amazing.

Acharya krupa got me this opportunity.

The link to the audio recording of the upanyasam is as below.




Srimad Bhagavad Gita lecture 50 by Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan Setlur

The audio link to the 50th part of the lecture by Adiyen on Sri Ramanuja’s bhashya on the Bhagavad Gita is as below – The meanings of the verses from 21st until the end of the 13th chapter are covered in this lecture. The next lecture will happen on the first Tuesday of June 2019.

The link is as below:




Lecture by Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan on family values to students of Chaitanya Techno School, Mandaveli

With the Principal, while giving the talk

As a part of their Smart living program, The Chaitanya Techno School, Mandaveli had invited me to give a lecture to their 9th and 8th standard students on the topic – family values on the 7th of March 2019.

felicitation by the Principal

The Principal, Smt Aparna, has been taking many such initiatives to inculcate moral values in her school children. My students Veeraraghavan and Sudarshan are working as Sanskrit teachers in the school and that’s how I was known to the Principal and this opportunity came by. It was very refreshing for me to interact with those young minds. There were two half an hour sessions on the same topic – one each for 9th and 8th students. The former was recorded and it is shared as below.

The link to my talk is as below


The link to the feedback from Principal is as below


The link to the feedback from a couple of students is as below


The link to vote of thanks given by Veeraraghavan is as below


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Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar’s Upanyasam on Godastuti at Desikan Thirumaligai, Thiruvahindrapuram

U.Ve Devanarvilagam Paruthipattu Vangipuram Dr.S.Padmanabhachariar rendering Upanyasam at Desikan Thirumaligai, Thrivahindrapuram

As a part of the ongoing celebrations of the 750th birth anniversary of Swami Desika the astikas of Thiruvahindrapuram had invited Sri.U.Ve.Dr.S Padmanabhachariar, Srikaryam of Sri Ahobila mutt on the 15th of August 2018, to deliver an upanyasam on Sri Godastuti, an excellent stuti on Goda piratti by Swami Desikan.



A view from the entrance of Sri Vedanta Desika Thirumaligai at Thiruvahindrapuram

The recording is not of a much sophisticated quality as it was an open ambience and also it rained heavily in the middle.

Swami has verily nicely given the gist of each of the 29 verses in the given one hour 15 minutes duration.

The link to the recording of the upanyasam is as below:


It was a memorable experience for adiyen to have had darshan of Lord Devanathan and his consort Hemambujavalli Thayar, Lord Hayagreevan and Swami Desika in the presence of adiyen’s Guru after the upanyasam was over.



Nammazhwarum Desikanum – Adiyen’s upanyasam @ Ahobila mutt Tiruvallur

Adiyen’s Guru, Sri Sannidhi Srikaryam Swami felicitating adiyen after the upanyasam.

As a part of the 750th birth year celebrations of Swami Desikan @ Ahobila mutt, Tiruvallur, Adiyen was given a golden opportunity to deliver an upanyasam on the topic ‘Nammazwarum Desikanum’ today – Thanks to Sri. Purisai Jagan swami, agent Ahobila mutt, Tiruvallur. The quality of recording is not great as there was non-cooperation from mike box :-). Also adiyen had a sore throat. These two do not anyway correspond to the quality of the content though 🙂

The link to the recording is as below:





Upanyasam by Dr.S.Padmanabhan – part 3

The Srikaryam of Sri Ahobila mutt, Dr.S.Padmanabhan, delivered an upanyasam on the topic ‘Adhikara Sangraham’ @ Sri Ahobila mutt, Triplicane on 07th of April as part of the 750th birth anniversary celebrations of Swami Desika. This is the third part on the same topic – Adhikarasangraham of Swami Desika. The recordings of the first two parts are available in the website. The link to the 3rd part is as below: