Feedback from Vibha on SRV’s Summer camp – May 2018

Jaya Jaya Shree Sudarshana

Initially, upon hearing about the camp, I wondered how interesting it might be. However, after attending the camp, I wanted it to last for more than just 2 days.

Our first enlightening talk was that of Mukundan Swami on the topic ‘Satsangati’.
We learned the importance of being part of a Satsangati and surrounding ourselves with good people.
On doing so, with not much effort from our side, the good from others will rub off on us too!
This was followed by a sloka session where every student, right from the tiniest tot, learnt a sloka and recited it, if not in whole, then at least a part of the sloka, in front of the gathering, with encouragement from Swami.
The amazing part of this episode was, we learnt a sloka in merely 2 days!
After this, we had a story session where we learned about Swami Desikan’s early life history. To instill what we’d learnt in our minds, the story session was followed by a skit, where we campers enacted the stories we’d learned that day.
During evening times, we were also entertained with games.
Swami also had a special talk with the teenage campers involving topics like – showing our utmost love and respect to parents, understanding the sacrifices they go through to fulfill our desires, importance of showing our gratitude and gratefulness to our parents as there is nothing else we can do to repay them, setting bounds on friendship, how to interact with friends of the opposite gender, upholding our family’s pride at all times, maturely understanding our parents opinions and to contradict them when necessary, etc.
This talk was a great value add for us campers. We are blessed to have such a thoughtful guru who could interact with us freely.
Not to forget, we were provided with tasty meals 3 times a day. Our craving for snacks and drinks between meals was also satisfied.
On the first day of the camp, we were also blessed by Andavan Ashram’s Srikaryam Swami.
Finally, what I believe I can take away from this camp is – love and respect all human beings, but to never compromise on our Srivaishnava Sampradaayam.
I am very glad that I had the golden opportunity of attending this year’s camp. I’m looking forward to next year’s camp eagerly!
Vibha Shyam.
Details about the camp can be read here