Abheetistava – meaning with emphasis on Sanskrit

Abheetistava is a stuti on Bhagavan Ranganatha of Srirangam by Swami Vedanta Desika, at a time when the entire country was suffering from the invasion of Mughals and Turks. Srirangam, in particular was devastated; the archa murti of Ranganatha had to be carried away to far and safer places. Lot of Srivaishnavas wer killed and Swami Desika had to escape to Sathyagala, a scenic kshetra on the banks of Cauvery near Mysore with a responsibility to protect the Sampradaya by passing on the knowledge to sishyas. This verse was written during by Desika during his stat in Sathyagala in which he prays to Ranganatha to instill fearlessness in the minds of devotees. He requests the Lord to destroy the evil that has befallen the society and which has caused tremendous fear in the people. The metrical formation is a very good one to chant. There are 29 verses in all. Adiyen is attaching the links that cover the meanings in parts and also a youtube link in which adiyen has rendered the stotra alone.

Verses from 1 to 6 that includes the introduction


verses from 7 to 12


verses from 13 to 18


verses from 19 to 24


verses from 25 to 29


the link to listen to the recitation is as below. Dasan.

7 Replies to “Abheetistava – meaning with emphasis on Sanskrit”

  1. नमांसि।

    Thank you for uploading . The recordings of Mahaveera vaibhavam was par excellence . No words to describe . Thank you again for such sessions

    When do you conduct these sessions? . How to join ?

    I am also expecting your discourse on following stotrams :
    Sristuti .
    Garuda dandaka.

    1. Namaste.
      These are basically recordings that are done whenever time permits and are shared through whatsapp/telegram groups and then consolidated in the website.
      The stotras listed will be taken up in the near future.

      Thank you

  2. adiyen Iam richly benifitted by your vyakhyaanam with stress on sanskrit as my little knowledge of sanskrit is being upgraded , besides enjoying the swsmy’ s sri suktis.

    1. Dasan. Santhosham. Adiyen is just giving a voice to what is already there in the books composed by Scholars. Acharyakrupai.

  3. I had started listening to your vyakhyayanam of abheethi stava. I am learning Sanskrit too in the process. Please include me in your telegram or WhatsApp group. Thank you very much

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