My poem on ‘Going Green’

In the backdrop of the above news items that are appearing in the times of corona I am sharing a poem of mine that I wrote roughly 10 years back..

My poem on “Going Green”

If we learn to walk and not run in LIFE (both literally and metaphorically) I think we can go green! May be a little compromise here and there can extend the life of EARTH a little more…my humble thoughts…

When there is a thought about tomorrow,
in our minds, arises an unfounded sorrow,
each one trying to enjoy as much now,
making the serene nature cry and bow,
the endless greed of ours has her raped,
denuding her without much to be draped,
contended ancestral lives becoming a myth,
n somehow there seems to be a lack of faith,
funny, all our lips carry the name of god,
the real trust and devotion deluding us hard,
did we ever worry when we were in the womb?
are we simply worrying our way to the tomb?
with whatever, the idea is to only hoard,
in this, without exception, all in a herd,
hopeless it is to go back to past glory,
let us at least stop the future being gory,
to this, let’s take a step a day with muscle,
do everything to sustain without a fizzle,
in our way, let us walk and pedal, 
in her way, try not to meddle,
for she knows how to resuscitate,
at least let us try and not suffocate,
not for nothing god gave us this body,
let’s refrain from those that are shoddy!

Sreeram Jaganathan

Also please watch the video below which I vaguely remember was the inspiration to the pen the above poem.

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