आचार्यस्तुतिपञ्चदशी सार्था – Acharya-stuti-panchadashi with meaning

HH 46th Jeer Sri Ahobila mutt

The 63rd Thirunakshatra celebrations of the present Jeer of Sri Ahobila mutt, H.H. Sri Ranganatha Yateendra Mahadesikan (46th Srimad Azhagiyasingar) was celebrated on the 18th of June 2018 in a grand manner at Sri Ahobila mutt, Selaiyur by Sishyas with great fervour.

The Srikaryam Swami of the mutt commanded adiyen, his shishya, to compose a stuti suiting the occasion. This is indeed Acharya anugraham as there are many vidvans who are capable of composing excellent padyams.

The link to the stuti and its meanings is as below; please click on the link to read and enjoy.


Adiyen is still a beginner to Sanskrit poetry and is yet to transform in to a traditional poet. Ideas seem to be a bit modern in perspective.

Feedback is welcome on the correctness of word formations and meanings!


Sreeram Jaganathan.


2 Replies to “आचार्यस्तुतिपञ्चदशी सार्था – Acharya-stuti-panchadashi with meaning”

  1. அருமை.ஆசார்ய பக்தியுடன் கவிதா ப்ரதிபை போட்டியிடுகிறது!. இரண்டுமே அப்ராக்ருதமாக ஜ்வலிக்கிறது. வர்ததாம் அபிவர்ததாம்.

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